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Premium design for the sophisticated kitchen
The gleaming stainless-steel door and robust handle are beautiful design features that make the Vac sealer drawer a pleasure to use.Preserve the best in your food's taste and texture
Preserve more moisture, and enhance the infusion of flavouring ingredients when cooking in a Sous Vide oven, by using the vacuum sealer drawer to seal and store food.For meals that are ready to cook when you want them
Store your food so it retains its flavours perfectly by professionally vacuum sealing it in the Vac Sealer drawer. This also makes it possible to conveniently prepare meals in advanceOne of the best ways you can store your food
Preserve your food for longer by vacuum sealing it using this professional Vac Sealer drawer. It extracts 100% of air inside all standard food bags on the market.Electrolux - Sous Vide vacuum sealer - EVDP2980AX
The best way to protect food from factors that impact quality and safetyStore your food with maximum hygiene and protect it from air, humidity and external organisms by sealing it in any standard food bag using this 29cm Vac Sealer.Tech specification
Installation diagram
Electrolux - Sous Vide vacuum sealer - EVDP2980AX
Key specification
Functions: Vacuuming 99.9% & sealing right bar
Colour: Stainless steel with antifingerprint / Mirror
Usable chamber volume,I: 10
Vacuum pump power, m³/h: 4
Max Bag Dimensions: 350x250
BI_Dimensions_VacuumSealerDrawer: 295x560x550
Dimensions (HxWxD): 105x353x275




€ 422,80
Prijs per stuk
Aantal: Bestellen
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